Our Projects

Studio 42

Hub of social activity in Kharkiv was opened on October 6, 2016. However, the idea of creating a platform for interaction and development of various civic initiatives was conceived much earlier. Here we support people who build the future of their society with their own hands.

Kharkiv History Night

The purpose of this project is to popularize the real history of Kharkiv city.

Razom Urban Park

The goal of “Razom Urban Park” fest is to attract public’s attention to city parks as the platforms for change. First of all it is the preparation stage for the bigger project which intends to completely update the Mashynobudivnykiv Park in Kharkiv. The green zone is to be transformed into Urbanism, Street Culture and Social Activity area. The event is initiated by three NGOs: “Street Culture Center”, “Day of Music” and “Urban Reforms”.

Kharkiv History Evenings

“Kharkiv History Night” platform is gradually expanding its format. The “Kharkiv History Evenings” project is a lighter version of the initial all-night-long lecture marathon, that popularizes the nonfictional city history. Lectures take place each Friday in the Hub of Civic Activity “Studio 42”.

Classical Music Day

The “Classical Music Day” is created with intention to popularize the work of contemporary and past composers as well as professional performers of academic and classical music. Beside the traditional chambers, on the Classical Music Day all kinds of places also become the concert stages: hubs, coworkings, pubs, cafes etc.

Kharkiv Museums Map

Contrary to ordinary tourist maps, this one will be placed directly in museums. Visitors will be able to discover other nearby museums, located within the walking distance. Also, leaflets will be distributed for free among students and in the tourist-oriented places.

Day of Music (2014–2016)

International Fête de la Musique is held annually in more than 700 cities all over the world.

One Street Day

This educational and entertainment project was started in 2015. It combines the history of the city with culture and creativity, while traveling through Kharkiv streets. One Street Day is full of tours, fairs, lectures and presentations, workshops and concerts, charity events and making friends with people who write the history of Kharkiv city now.


Constant work with public initiatives has led us to the creation of various educational projects. We create schools, master classes, trainings and courses to help the third sector to successfully work in Ukrainian conditions.